How to Work with Recruitment Agencies in UAE

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There are many foreign workers in the UAE in different fields such as IT, Hotel & Restaurant, Tourism, Banking, etc. It is a place where all talents can thrive because of its modern infrastructure, ease of doing business, and using English as their business language. So if you are wondering how you can jumpstart your career in the UAE and find the right job for your qualifications, then the easiest way is to work with recruitment agencies in UAE who can help you access good job vacancies in your specific field.

Making the First Step

If you are living abroad and do not yet have contacts in the UAE, then the easiest and fastest way for you to work with recruitments agencies in the UAE like Inspire Selection – Recruitment Agency is to go online, look for the agency’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Instagram and start following those pages. You do not have to send your resume immediately to them. You can just follow their accounts, observe what kind of posts they put on their social media, and just read about their company background as much as you can so you can get to know them before actually sending an application for a particular job or contacting them as prospects.

The first step in contacting your prospective recruitment agency in the UAE is to do it through a private email or message on their website or social media account. If you write via email, include a well-written cover letter explaining why you are contacting them and what are your career goals. This will help the job recruiters have a quick idea of who you are and what you want to achieve in terms of your professional career. From here they can immediately assess if you are someone they would like to work with and if they can actually find a good position for you. Don’t be discouraged if many of the recruiters you contact don’t immediately get back to you. They might be overwhelmed with applications and do not have the resources to check resumes every day. Just make sure you track the weeks since you first sent your cover letter. An average of about 2-3 weeks should be a good leeway in giving time for people and organizations to reply. After those initial weeks, you can send a follow-up email or call to confirm if they have received you cover letter.

Making the Move

When you finally get an offer from a recruiter, there are some important things to think about before you finally make the move to a new country. So that includes seeing a clear and defined working contract that is signed by you and the employer. You should be able to negotiate terms for your salary, vacation, and other benefits. If your employer and the recruitment agency do not help you with that, then that is a bad sign and you should look elsewhere. Also, ask for assistance when it comes to finding housing or an apartment and also when it comes to getting your first mobile phone.